Copley Hospital UNAP Local 5109

Copley Hospital Local 5109 is located in Copley, Vermont and was organized in 1997.  We became part of the United Nurses & Allied Professionals in 2000.  Our local represents Registered Nurses.

President:  Terry Phillips      Email:

Vice-President:  Toni Langlois

Secretary:   Kristina Paine

Treasurer:   Jonathan Fasciana

Unit Representatives

ED:  Dorothy Cook & Roberta Pitkin

OPD:  Pam Stengel

BC:   Annette Jones & Sarah Chouinard

PACU/PSCU:  Stacy Duff

OR:  Brett Eagan

Acute Care Nursing Unit:  Bernie Quinlan, Ashley currier, Bridget McGough,                                            Heather Marcoux, Jessica Cullity, 

Per Diems:  Rebecca Harris