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2018 - 2019 Contract Negotiations

Bargaining Team Members

Cindy Fenchel, Mike Pellicano, Doreena Duphily, Dawn Marie Leonardo, Mike Poulios

May Update


Contract Updates 2015

Negotiation are under way for a contract for the service employees.

June Contract Update

July Contract Update

August Contract Update

Bargaining Team for the Newly Organized Fatima Employees.

Bargaining team

Antonio Bahia (Food Service)    

Robert Fenchel (Courier – Lab)                      

Cindy Fenchel (Medical Secretary – Mineral Spring)

Steven Montaquila (Courier – Lab)

Michael Lewis (ESD)                                        

Kathleen Dozois (CNA – Telemetry)

Doreena Duphily (CNA - 2 South)

Sheila Guercia (Phlebotomist – Lab)

Mary Ann Ford (Lab Assistant – Lab)                

Nancy Hedgepeth (Phlebotomist – Lab Waterman) not pictured        


2015 Service Employees Vote to Join UNAP

On April 21, 2015 service employees voted 221 to 76 to join the UNAP. They have since elected a bargaining team and started to negotiate a contract with Prospect. 

Just before the vote count web

Fatima employees waiting for the vote count. 

Flame Election web

 Just after the vote count. 

Celebrate web

 Celebrating a great victory!



President of UNAP Fatima Local 5110 Lynn Blais was elected UNAP Vice President for another two year term at the 2013 UNAP Convention.