Kent Hospital UNAP Local 5008 – A message from the President

 Dear Colleague:

      I am pleased to write to you as the newly elected president of our Union...I thank you all for the overwhelming vote of confidence.  Your support has been truly humbling and further motivates my intentions.  I promise to do my best to make good on the goals I have campaigned on such as rebuilding the Uion representative/officer structure to ensure we have a strong union and diverse leadership from all disciplines. Most importantly we need to address staffing concers with the employer and hold the employer accountable.  as you may already know, I take my responsibilities quite seriously and never turn away from a challenge.

    In a Union, it takes all of us to be successful.  As I work to implement the goals of my term I ask all of you to join together to make a strong union a reality.

Kent employs 2,104 of those, 1400 are union jobs. We are the Majority.

Employers keep track of union activity and participation to guage the strength of the group.  this becomes a crucial factor during contract negotiations and when matters of health insurance, staffing, etc are questioned or challenged. One person cannot make a difference without the support of the majority. We all need each other right now to bring this union to where it should be and tap into its potential.

What can you do?

What is your role?


Examples of crisis can include but may not be limited to:


I'm looking forward to working with all of you to make Kent a better place to work and utilize services.


Thicia Criner, RN

President UBAP Local 5008