UNAP Landmark/Rehabilitation Hospital Constitution

ARTICLE I NAME This organization will be known as the Northern Rhode Island United Nurses and Allied Professionals, Local #5067.

ARTICLE II OBJECTIVES Section 1. To provide an effective collective bargaining representative for nurses, allied health professionals and other health care employees. Section 2. To bring UNAP Locals into relations of mutual assistance and cooperation with the Locals. Section 3. To improve the standards for Health Professionals and other health care employees by advancing economic status, promoting better preparation in basic education programs, encouraging and promoting continuing education, securing working conditions essential to the best performance of services and the most effective delivery of health care through UNAP. Section 4. To promote the welfare of the health care consumer by providing progressively better access to and utilization of health care resources in this country. Section 5. To fight all forms of bias in health care delivery due to race, creed, sex, age, sexual preference, social, political or economic status, national origin, or physical handicap. Section 6. To promote UNAP Locals participation in community health programs, health systems, agencies, as well as any other regulatory body affecting the delivery of health care. Section 7. To work for passage and retention of just laws which will improve the climate for health care consumers, nurses, allied health professionals and other health care employees.

ARTICLE III MEMBERSHIP Section 1. All non-supervisory employees of the Landmark Medical Center and the Rehabilitation Hospital of Rhode Island including nurses, health professionals, technicians and other health care employees are eligible for membership. Section 2. Supervisory personnel shall not obtain membership. Members who are promoted to positions with the rank of supervisor automatically are removed from membership on the effective date of the promotion. Section 3. Employees in public or private health care facilities outside the jurisdiction of this Local may be admitted to membership until such time as a Local is chartered in their jurisdiction. Section 4. No discrimination shall ever be shown towards individual members or applicants for membership because of race, creed, political activities or beliefs, sex, age, sexual preference, economic status, national origin or physical handicap. Section 5. A member may be expelled for acts detrimental to Local #5067 upon presentation of written charges signed by at least one-fourth (1/4) the total membership and approved by at least three-fourths (3/4) the Local's Executive Council. The member shall have the right to appeal the decision to the membership at the following membership meeting and shall be reinstated with full rights if a majority of the members present vote to reinstate.

ARTICLE IV OFFICERS Section 1. The following officers shall be elected biennially by this Local: President Senior Vice-President Vice-Presidents (4) Secretary Treasurer The four (4) Area Vice-Presidents shall be the Registered Nurse Vice- President, the Medical Professional Vice-President, and the Medical Technical Vice-President, and the Certified Nursing Assistant Vice- President. Eligibility for office shall be determined by the Election Committee. Section 2. Membership in good standing for at least one (1) year is required to hold office. This requirement shall be waived where there has been a newly certified bargaining unit. Section 3. An Election Committee made up to six (6) interested non-candidate members shall be elected by a show of hands at the first meeting of the calender year in an election year. Section 4. Elections shall be held by secret ballot during the month of April in even-numbered years. Notice of the election shall be made by mail and received by the membership at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date of the election. A reasonable nomination period shall precede the election and nominations must be accompanied by petitions signed by at least ten (10) members. For a candidate that is to represent a group equal to or less than fifty (50) members, nominations must be accompanied by a petitioned signed by one percent (1%) of the members within that group. Candidates receiving a plurality shall be elected. Candidates are installed immediately upon certification of election results by the Election Committee. Section 5. Vacancies in any office shall be filled by the Executive Council.

ARTICLE V COMMITTEES Section 1. The following standing committees shall be active in this Local: A) Negotiating Committees 1. LMC Negotiating Committee 2. RHRI Negotiating Committee B) Budget Committee C) Grievance Committee Section 2. Special Committees shall be appointed, assigned duties, and apportioned powers by the President and Executive Council as they deem necessary to the proper functioning of the Local.

ARTICLE VI THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Section 1. The Executive Council of this Local shall consist of all elected officers. Section 2. The Executive Council shall administer the policy of this Local as set by the membership at regular meetings. It shall have the power to act for the good of the Local in emergency situations where the policy cannot be set by the membership. The Executive Council shall not have the power to override a membership vote. Section 3. The President of the Local shall be the chairperson of the Executive Council. Section 4. The time and place of the Executive Board meeting shall be set by the Executive Council and announced at the previous membership meeting. Section 5. The Executive Council shall have the power to employ all personnel an executive secretary, clerical help, and other persons on a full or part-time basis as may be determined by the needs and finances of the Local. Section 6. The Executive Council shall have the power to make contracts and incur liabilities which may be appropriate to enable it to accomplish any or all of its purposes at such rates of interest and terms and conditions as they may deem appropriate; to issue notes, bonds, and other obligations; and to secure any of its obligations by mortgage, pledge, or deed of trust of all or any of its property and income. Section 7. The Executive Council shall report its activities at each regular membership meeting.

ARTICLE VII AFFILIATIONS Section 1. The Local shall maintain affiliation with the United Nurses & Allied Professionals (UNAP) and send delegates to the UNAP biennial convention. The Local may send one (1) delegate per twenty-five (25) members to the convention. Delegates shall be nominated in writing. A delegate may nominate her/himself or be nominated by another Union member. If nominated by another Union member, the delegate must consent to the nomination. If there is a contest for delegate seats, a notice will be sent to all members announcing the time and place of a secret ballot election. If there is no such contest, all nominees shall be seated as delegates without an election. Alternate delegates may be seated with the approval of the Executive Board. The President and Secretary shall certify and forward the credentials of all delegates to the UNAP office as soon as possible but no later than twenty (20) days before the convening of the convention. The President shall confer with the Treasurer to make sure that the per capita is no more than two (2) months in arrears before the convening of the convention. Section 2. All delegates shall make written reports to the Executive Council on meetings attended. Section 3. Every reasonable effort shall be made by this Local to pay the legitimate expenses of delegates to meetings and conventions of affiliated organizations. Section 4. The Local, to the best of its ability, shall be active in the affairs of affiliated organizations. Section 5. Delegates to affiliated organizations shall meet the same requirements as officers of this Local, that is, they must be a member in good standing of this Local for at least one (1) year.

ARTICLE VIII DUTIES OFOFFICERS Section 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Local and of the Executive Council. He/She shall be ex-officio member of all committees (except the Audit Committee), sign all necessary papers and documents, and represent the Local when and where necessary. He/She shall make a report to the membership at least once each year summarizing the accomplishments of the Local and outlining plans for the next year. Section 2. The Senior Vice President shall serve in the place of the President in the absence of that officer. The Senior Vice President shall service the facility from which he/she comes and assist the President as needed. The Senior Vice President shall serve as the chairperson of the Grievance Committee. Section 3. The Vice-Presidents are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the collective bargaining goals of the Local are carried out on behalf of their constituents. In addition, the Vice-Presidents will assist the President, the Senior Vice President and the local stewards in handling matters of mutual concern to local members. The Vice-Presidents shall have the power to call meetings of stewards and/or members in their area of responsibility. Section 4. The Secretary shall issue all notices, shall answer all correspondence at the direction of the President and shall report outside correspondence to the President and the Executive Council. The Secretary shall record the minutes of the Executive Board and of general membership meetings. Section 5. The Treasurer shall receive, record, and deposit in the name of the Local all monies from dues and all other sources. He/She shall keep the membership roll, issue receipts, and delinquency notices. He/She shall forward all per capita dues and current membership lists to the Office of the United Nurses and Allied Professionals and to other affiliated organizations to keep this Local in good standing at all times. Special care shall be taken to see that per capita tax is not more than two (2) months in arrears prior to the opening date of the UNAP Convention to make sure delegates from this Local may be seated. The Treasurer shall be Chairperson of the Budget Committee. He/She shall present a written report to all members once each year. The Treasurer shall pay all bills authorized by the adopted budget, retaining voucher or invoice for same. Expenses not authorized in the budget must be presented to the Executive Council for authorization.

ARTICLE IX DUTIES OF STANDING COMMITTEES Section 1. The Negotiating Committee will prepare and substantiate salary and other contract proposals. They will present these proposals for approval of the membership and then shall negotiate these proposals with the employer. Section 2. The Budget Committee shall aid the Treasurer in handling local funds and perform an oversight function with regard to local finances. The Budget Committee shall prepare a budget for adoption by the membership at least one (1) month prior to the beginning of the next fiscal year. The fiscal year shall be July 1 through June 30. Section 3. The Grievance Committee shall act on all grievances submitted in writing to the Executive Council. It shall present to the Executive Council a procedure for handling grievances. This Committee shall cause the procedure to be publicized as widely as possible.

ARTICLE X MEETINGS Section 1. The time and place of meetings shall be fixed by the President. Special meetings will be fixed by the Executive Council. Section 2. There shall be at least two (2) meetings per year. Section 3. A quorum shall consist of five percent (5%) of the total membership.

ARTICLE XI FINANCE Section 1. Regular dues shall be fixed by a majority secret ballot by members present at any regular meeting. Providing notice of the contemplated dues increase has been announced by mail at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting date. Section 2. Additional finances may be obtained by fund raising activities. Section 3. The Treasurer books shall be audited yearly.

ARTICLE XII RULES OF ORDER Roberts Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern in all cases not covered by this Constitution or by the By-Laws of this Local.

ARTICLE XIII AMENDMENTS Section 1. This Constitution may be amended by submitting a proposed amendment(s) at any regular membership meeting. Such proposal(s) shall be read to the assembled members. Approval by three-fourths (¾) of the members present shall be sufficient to adopt the proposed amendment. Section 2. By-Laws may be amended by submitting proposed amendment(s) at any regular membership meeting. Such proposal(s) shall be read to the assembled members. Approval by a majority of the members present shall be sufficient to adopt the proposed amendment.

ARTICLE XIV AVAILABILITY OF CONSTITUTION Section 1. Three copies of this Constitution and all future amendments shall be submitted to the Office of the United Nurses and Allied Professionals. Section 2. Copies shall be made available to other affiliated organizations upon request to the Secretary. Section 3. Copies shall be available for any member of this Local upon request to the Secretary.

ARTICLE XV BY-LAWS 1. Effective January 1, 2002 and each January 1 thereafter, Local dues shall be adjusted upward by, but not more than, the cost of living index (CPI-U) for the relevant period of the previous year as calculated for the northeast region of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor. CNA's, other service employees and maintenance employees shall pay 25% less than the Local dues set forth herein. 2. Members who work one-half (½) the regular work week or less shall pay the UNAP dues rates plus one-half (½) the Local dues. 3. Members with an annual income of less than twelve thousand dollars ($12,000) or amount mandated by the UNAP shall pay one-half (½) the regular monthly dues. 4. A member on an unpaid leave of absence, or who is not receiving monies from the Landmark Medical Center and/or Rehabilitation Hospital of Rhode Island, shall be considered an inactive member, not liable for dues during that period. The Treasurer must be notified as soon as possible. The member shall become liable for dues upon return to work. 5. A member on a paid leave of absence, receiving monies from the Landmark Medical Center and/or Rehabilitation Hospital of Rhode Island shall be subject to regular payment of dues to remain in good standing. 6. Members who choose not to pay dues by payroll deduction shall pay the annual amount for the fiscal year beginning July 1st through June 30th , and shall be responsible for payment of per capita increases during that year. Annual payments shall be mailed to the Treasurer by May 30th of each year. 7. A Negotiating Team for each facility shall be appointed by the President. Any elected officer from a facility shall serve on that facility's Negotiating Team. A Negotiating Team Recording Secretary shall be elected from the team members. 8. With respect to Local #5067, it shall be a chargeable offence for a member to knowingly work for the employer against whom a strike has been called. Charges against a member not honoring a strike shall be made in writing, signed by the member or members making such charges and presented to the President. The Secretary shall send a copy of the letter to the accused party. If the party feels that he/she has been unjustly accused, a hearing will be scheduled with the Executive Council and members involved. Where charges are upheld, the member will be fined seventy-five percent (75%) of their net pay. 9. An officer who misses three (3) consecutive meetings of the Executive Council without being excused by said Council, shall be notified by the President and allowed to be present and have a hearing at the next regular Executive Council meeting. He/She may be removed at said meeting upon a motion, seconded and a majority vote of the Executive Council. 10. An officer who misses a total of four (4) consecutive regular membership meetings without just cause (sickness or personal emergency constitutes just cause) shall be removed from the Executive Council. 11. Representatives. About ten (10) Representatives from LMC and about five(5) Representatives from RHRI will be appointed by the President. Any Representative who misses two (2) consecutive monthly Rep meetings without being excused shall be removed from his/her position by a vote of the Executive Council. The member shall be notified of his/her status by mail. 12. With respect to Local #5067, any new employee who has not joined the Union in sixty (60) days from their hire date will be charged a seventy-five dollar ($75.00) penalty fee, which shall be PAID to the Union Treasurer upon signing a membership card. 13. With respect to Local #5067, a member who resigns from the Union will not be eligible to rejoin without paying a Reinstatement Fee of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) which shall be PAID to the Union Treasurer upon signing a membership card.

Last Revised: January 18, 2006