Under Federal labor law, all employees have the right to:

Under Federal labor law, the employer cannot ...

Notice to private sector UNAP members and non-members regarding agency fee status ("Beck")

Most UNAP contracts contain union security clauses that say that it shall be a condition of employment that every employee who's a member must remain a member in good standing.  Under federal law, this means that you may become a member or choose to remain a non-member.  However, non-members must pay dues and fees to the Union because all employees covered by the contract must pay their fair share of the cost.  Moreover, non-members lose all rights of union membership, such as attending meetings, voting, and running for office. The Union must fairly represent all employees whether of not they choose to become or remain members.

Non-members have the right to be given sufficient information to intelligently decide whether or not to object to paying dues or fees spent on activities unrelated to collective bargaining, contract administration and grievance adjustment.  Non-members have the right to be informed of the process for filing objections.  Also, non-members who submit objections will receive a reduction in dues for non-representational activities.  The reduction is minimal (currently .46 cents/week reduction in UNAP dues).

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