Election 2016 Sec

In n November 2016  and January 2017 300 more employees at Kent Hospital joined the UNAP Local 5008. The local has over 1200 members.


UNAP-organized facilities are better places to work and better places to be a patient. As health professionals, UNAP members have greater control over their work environment. And, as patient advocates, UNAP members have more clout to effect positive changes for their patients. Find out how you can join the UNAP. 

 Kent Hospital

On August 4, 2016 over 100 secretaries, phlebotomists, lift team and PAT Techs voted to join the UNAP.

Kent Hospital environmental services joined the UNAP on October 16, 2014 The vote results were 53 - 36.


Fatima Hospital

Fatima Service employees joined the UNAP April 21, 2015. On April 21, 2015 approximately 400 Fatima service employees voted to join the UNAP joining the registered nurses in Local 5110. The final vote count was 221-76.









 Kent Hospital

January 24, 2014 Kent Hospital CNAs, ER Techs, OR Techs, Orderlies, Anesthesia Assistants and Endo Techs voted to join the UNAP. To learn more about organizing in your workplace contact UNAP staff Jeanne Jose at (401) 486-3903 or email at

Learn more about joining the UNAP.