2018 The Patient Safety Act: What It Does and Why We Need It

The fact is clear "Nurses are being pushed beyond the limit and being forced to treat too many patients at one time...and patients are feeling the impact." Guided by tightening budgets and misplaced priorities, the numbers of patients assigned to a Registered Nurse is changing, forcing a crisis of care in our hospitals.

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About the Patient Safety Act, Linda McDonald, RN, President of UNAP

The “Patient Safety Act” (PSA) is based on the fact that the most important variable impacting the safety of our patients is the number of patients assigned to a nurse at one time.

The legislation is simple and straight forward. It sets a maximum number of patients a nurse may treat at one time to provide quality care and safety of those patients.

Every year, nurses file hundreds of complaints with hospital administrators and managers highlighting potentially unsafe staffing levels. These complaints go largely ignored, and nurses are continually pushed beyond the limit.

Research published over the past decade clearly shows :

•     There is a strong and consistent link between nurse staffing levels and patient outcomes.

•     Appropriate staffing reduces re- admissions, reduces infections & errors

•     Safe RN staffing reduces costs.

Setting maximum limits is the right thing to do.

The UNAP is committed to the “PSA”.   As with the battle to ban mandatory overtime (MOT) we will stay steadfast in the pursuit of this legislation. Our bill is sponsored by Representative Ray Gallison and Senator Josh Miller. Both understand the value of safe limits. We thank them for their support.

Standing up for RI patients means fighting for safer hospitals.

It is time to pass the” Patient Safety Act.”