Each hospital in Rhode Island is required by law to provide the Department of Health a projected plan for staffing of nurses. It is a report of how a hospital will staff each unit, based on an estimate of the future census for that unit.  Each hospital has provided a report that includes some general information about the hospital and the staffing plans for each unit in the hospital.   

Since its inception, the UNAP has fought to ensure safe staffing to protect our patients and our members.

Safe staffing means many things.

Safe staffing means manageable workloads that enable health professionals to give their patients the time and attention they need and deserve.

Safe staffing means hours and shifts that do not put caregivers and patients at risk of medical errors resulting from fatigue.

Safe staffing means protection from mandatory overtime.

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Safe staffing means having the necessary equipment to protect health care workers and patients from injuries and accidents.

The UNAP fights for safe staffing in the workplace by:

The UNAP fights for safe staffing through legislation and regulation by:

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